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I had originally planned to cook out at my daughters house for our family's recent Labor Day Dinner, however my daughter altered my plans. She informed me of this new BBQ restaurant that had recently opened for business located not far from where  she lives  in Westland, MI. Her suggestion was for us to avoid the charcoal fire starting, grill cleaning efforts that one typically has to do while grilling and instead purchase the ribs already cooked from this place known as Smokey's.

Needless to say I was not prepared to fore-go family tradition not even to please my daughter, but I did, and was I glad I listened to her. Smokey's is Westland MI's addition to and area of restaurants that has already seen its share of restaurant closings in the past year or two. Smokey's just might make it. We did not dine in but rather we ordered 3 full rack slabs of pork ribs to take out. We were greeted immediately by the owner of the restaurant upon our entry. He (Frank) kindly explained the holiday special that Smokey's had going on and then guided us to the order counter. Still smarting from my decision to ditch my family's holiday cooking tradition, I decided to take advantage of the food waiting time to talk with Frank about the cooking methods of his St. Louis style ribs. That was my first mistake, "never ask a chef about their cooking methods or food preparations" Frank did tell me about the just what I needed to know, "that my ribs are the best in the area, bar none"

They are not cooked over a char flame but rubbed and baked with his special seasonings and tenderizers and marinated in his house sauce. The slab portions were huge, meaty and very tasty with a low fat and pork skin content.

The meat was literally falling off the bone with tenderness. Smokey's sauce was a little sweet for my taste but I'm not his only customer, so no problem there. His full rack slab was just that, each slab was a slab of 12-14 meaty bones of delectable and savory BBQ at its best.  If you really want good BBQ from a family style restaurant we give Smokey's a double thumbs up, you won't be let down.




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