Ber-Henda Williams 


Host/Poet of the Poetry, Pages, and Scribes Open Mic and Features series at the Southfield Public Library each first Thursday from 

6pm -8pm.

(248) 910-5402




April Davis


Inspirational speaker who has a passion 

for helping others fulfill their hopes and

dreams--called the Dream Maker for her

outstanding commitment to entrepreneur-

ship and personal development. Featured 

in Women’s Life Style Magazine, Strut 

Magazine, The Herald News, and Michigan

Chronicle News, GNC, TV Network, TV 33

and more.

Breakout Marketing Group

300 River Place

Detroit, Mi. 48207


Integrated Marketing Communications



Dykema Mathews

Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

((313) 340-9039

Email:  pgpdramanetwork@gmail.com or info@bewickandmack.com

Native Detroiter--extensive experience as a playwright, director, producer, actor, arranger, lyricist and soloist. 

Her "Bewick and Mack Show" has won its first award for best comedy 2008.  Don't miss the Dinner Buffet and Show featuring a performance of "Mr. Soul Food Scrooge" at Bert’s Market Place on December 12, 13 and 14, 2008.  

Click to read full bio.











Singer, Songwriter, Spirit

“I want my music to contribute to the world in a spiritual, personal way… to help people look at their lives with hope and possibility, no matter what. I want my music to comfort and inspire people ...to encourage them to run hard at their dreams and goals. It’s too easy to be mediocre ... Fusing my life and music to create great lasting art ... that’s what it’s all about for me.”

– Susan Calloway


Live On Stage

Critics have called her voice “extraordinary,” “strong and beautiful,” and “transcendent.” When you hear Susan Calloway sing, you will no doubt come up with strong adjectives of your own.   Like these, they will fall short of adequately describing the real thing.

Listening to Susan’s music is like having a long talk with your best friend. She’s real and approachable and her music is all about this life. Not something shiny, clean and perfect, but the raw and honest truth we all experience. As an artist, Susan uses her music to connect with fans. Her passion, words and voice will follow you into your life. You’ll find yourself wanting more.


Coming Soon

And fans are about to get what they want -- Susan is going prime time. Working closely with Grammy award-winning producer/mixer/engineer, Gerard Smerek, she’s bringing her artistic vision to a bigger stage. “Gerard has been the greatest musical mentor of my career,” Susan said. “Finally I feel like my songs and my voice are ready to reveal to the world. We are excited to launch, "Chasin the Sun", my first-ever national release this fall.   In these hard times, I hope my music gives everyone a little lift.”


How it Started

A classically trained pianist and vocalist from Detroit, Susan Calloway has been singing, playing, performing and writing songs her entire life.  When she was barely out of high school, she started a band called Red C that scored a loud, loyal following in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Red C sold a ton of self-produced records and won over 12 Detroit Music Awards. After graduating from college, Susan left the band to follow her heart and pursue this solo project.


What’s Susan About?

When she’s not in the studio, you will most likely find Susan outside running as she considers this her “go to” sport that keeps her focused. If you’re lucky enough to visit her studio, she will insist you stay for dinner.  And if you want to talk to her about her music, she will make you talk about your life first. “People are my inspiration – my friends and family, our lives and all we go thru”

Susan is also a huge fan of mentoring younger girls and encouraging them to reach for their dreams. “Women have so many choices now. Sometimes all we need is a little push from someone who cares…that can make a huge difference.”


Licensing Susan’s Music

Susan Calloway’s vocals and music have been heard in a number of Film, Television and Advertising spots. Her music has been featured on some of the WB’s most popular shows, including “Dawson’s Creek”, “Summerland”, and “One Tree Hill”. In addition, GE licensed one of her tunes for their National TV commercial titled, “Mothers”. See this video and learn more about licensing of Susan’s songs by visiting the Gemini Juice Music website or send and email to: songs@susancalloway.com.






(The Creation)

Sista Ketchup is a creation from GOD given to Monique Foster of Detroit. Monique has always been a person with a natural high from birth. Before she gave her life over to Christ, she has always wanted to make people laugh like her comedy idols Martin, Steve Harvey, and so on. But every time she attempted to do comedy in the world, nothing came through. So she gave it up and just continued making people laugh just by conversations with them and she continued to sing in her church choir. Well, one day in November 2004, Monique Foster decided to commit her life to Christ and allow GOD to move on her.

One day in September 2005, the women at Monique’s church (Conventional MBC) gave a family and friends program involving the guest to participate as well.  Everyone was singing, so Monique asked GOD to give her something else to do besides singing in this program.  Monique always liked being different.  The Lord spoke to her about gospel comedy something Monique has never heard of.  She was used to Ricky Smiley and other comedians cracking jokes about church, so gospel comedy had never crossed her mind.  So, GOD gave her the name Sista Ketchup and how to dress her and what to do when in character.  After that first time imitating a woman who does not care about the police, the 1-800 number, or whooping kids’ butts, she has been a hit with few in the Detroit church community.  Monique received confirmation of portraying Sista Ketchup in January 2007 on her two week vacation. GOD put it on Sister Ronda Ireland’s heart to tell Monique that “I did not dream about you, but when I woke up, I wonder if Monique is still portraying Sista Ketchup?”  Monique even wondered, “Lord, if this is what you want me to do, give me confirmation.  Lord, if this is what you want me to do, what do I charge, oh GOD?”  The Lord told Monique to “Remain humble and I will do the rest, accept donations only, do not have a set price.”  Two weeks later after Monique’s vacation, her co-worker asked her if she would portray Sista Ketchup at their Mother’s Day brunch in May 2007.  Ever since, Sista Ketchup has been traveling throughout the community making people laugh and forget their problems in life.  Sista Ketchup is help to the soul.  She is a reminder to many of how some of us received discipline in the church from every auxiliary and from different women in the church.  She is known for her many props and imitations in which you shall find out.  Explore and have fun in JESUS name. 



Soprano, Tiffany Du Mouchelle is a passionate performer who holds nothing back. Well known for her musical versatility, an electric stage presence and exceptional dramatic sensibilities, gifted with an instrument that spans close to four octaves in range, she is most recognized for her fearlessness in exploring new and challenging repertoire that encourages the voice into new realms of expressivity. Ms. Du Mouchelle is praised for her eclectic repertoire encompassing a vast array of musical styles and languages featuring over 20 different languages (including: Arabic, Japanese, Miani, Russian, and Swedish), and exploring the genres of classical, world, contemporary, cabaret, and theatrical works.



To contact Ms. Du Mouchelle, please send an email to: 

Tiffany Du Mouchelle














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