Dykema Mathews

Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

“Too Sweet”


Dykema Cozine Mathews is a native Detroiter. She has extensive experience as a playwright, director, producer, actor, arranger, lyricist and soloist.


With her prolific creative multi-talents, she has written, directed and produced over eighteen stage productions. Her work has been recognized by large corporations like Ford Motor Company, which sponsored Mathews to produce and direct “The Silent Cry,” a musical production about domestic violence which was performed at nearly 15 junior high and high schools and two universities in and around Detroit.


Mathews says although she doesn’t have a degree in the performing arts, she has never let that stop her from pursing her dream.  Mathews began writing and directing her own plays at the age of seven in the neighborhood where she grew up.  She has written, directed and produced many original works over the course of 35 years such as:  “Mr. Soul Food Scrooge”, Christmas Musical Drama; “I Am the Christ”, “The Silent Cry”, “African Nubian Wedding”; “Master Jefferson’s Plantation”; “God Is Watching You”; and “Living A Double Life”, just to name a few.  Most recently, Mrs. Mathews has written, directed and produced her first made for television short film drama “The Alphabet”.  In May, 2006 (the Alphabet” was submitted to the Rap-It-Up Competition for BET.


She credits God for her vivid imagination and the gift and ability to communicate through writing, directing, acting and producing her own work she also credits her wonderful parents who nurtured and cultivated her earlier years.  Mathews says “she is excited to be launching her first television show”.  She states that she has a natural love for Detroit and its citizens and wanted to show that there are still wonderful, good upstanding people who live normal lives in Detroit.


Mathews leads a busy life with three careers as a Secretary at the Ann Arbor Veterans Administration Hospital, President of her own company P. G. Production Drama Network and creator of her newest invention the “Bewick and Mack” reality/comedy sitcom which is a spin off of her original play “Mr. Soul Food Scrooge”.  Mathews says she would like to bring more of her original work to the film industry.  She adds that she’s a self starter, her own motivator and a hard worker who never gave up on her dream to become successful.  She states “I believe after every storm there is a rainbow if you dare to hold on”.